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כוח במספרים | Vires in numeris

Greetings I'm Jae a dev with other 10 years experience. I love code, old computers, minimalist graphism and oldskool demos.

I am currently a student in computer science (code) in Annecy, France.

Fun fact: the numbers of the list is in Hexadecimal so I can display up to 255 entries without having to have a third digit!

My work:

01: Distance [16/01/2020]
02: The Salt Shaker Montage [18/01/2020]
03: The Commodore 64, one of my only true love [14/12/2019]
04: Estimation of the costs of education [19/01/2020]
05: Tales of the random montages [19/01/2020]
06: Protogen Drawing [19/01/2020]
07: The fursona [20/01/2020]
08: AmigaOS Mobile concept [21/01/2020]
09: The New Logo [22/01/2020]
0A: The Salt Montage Update [23/01/2020]
0B: The New Portfolio Website [24/01/2020]

Written by Jae Beojkkoch, 2020