The Salt Shaker AD

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This year (2020), our english teacher showed us a video of a book presented like an Apple product and gave us the task to make an ad like that with a non-technological product.

We first thought to make an ad to sell a rock but we backed up since we thought it would be too silly.

We finally thought of using a salt shaker, something everyone has and know and we rapidly chose a retrowave style for our project.

As my friend was making the text to sell this miracle of technology, I was designing and making this image. I used Gimp (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) and the final render was a 75.6Mb PNG file with the resolution of 9933x14043 pixels (139 Megapixel).

The effects used here are very basic: some text, basic shadows and a halo.

Note: the Gimp source file weights 1.7Gb.

Here is the final work:

The Salt Shaker Montage

You can click on the image to get the 'big' version. Be warned, do not click if you have a reduced connection, this image is about 75 megabytes.

In the right corner, I chose to include the logo of "Bethesda", a game company as an inside joke for my classmates. As this montage is mainly satirical, this copyrighted logo falls under the Fair use.

However, if you are from Bethesda and want this logo to be removed, please contact me at jae[at] and I'll try to do my best.

If you look close enough, you can see the 'Amiga Ball' in the salt shaker as a reference to my favorite microcomputer.

We also invented some words to make the product even more magic.

Written by Jae Beojkkoch, 2020