I love the Commodore 64

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Greetings, today I'll talk about why I absolutely love the Commodore 64.

The impact

Don't get me wrong, this computer is legendary and had a really big impact on what we know about games today. The C64 sold between 10 millions and 17 millions units, making it the highest-selling computer of all times. This magical piece of engineering outselled the IBM PC and the Macintosh and was only discontinued in April 1994 as Commodore International collapsed.

The C64 was also home of some legendary titles like Boulder Dash, Bubble Bubble, Paranoid or Monty On The Run.

Commodore also gave us this iconic basic screen.

Commodore Basic

We can also see the C64 in the episode 3 of the second season of Airwolf, in Black Mirror or in the episode 15 of the first season of MacGyver.

Screenshot from the episode

The Sounds

With his second CPU, only dedicated to sound (called the SID, a MOS 6581), the Commodore 64 is capable of an 8 octave range on a total of 3 audio channels. With his complex combination of analog and digital circuitry, this chip gives us a iconic sound that cannot be emulated with 100% fidelity.

Here is a small demo of what a vanilla (non-modified) C64 can do:

Here is another demo of what a modified C64 can do (with 8 SIDs):

The Demoscene

One of my favorite parts of the C64 community is the Demoscene part, people doing amazing things with the tiny power of this machine.

One of my favorite demos is Quad Core by Singular Crew that utilises four C64s.

Another one of my all-time favorites is Artillery by Shape.

At the end

After reading this, I hope you like the C64 as much as I do. I will maybe make a similar article about the Amiga and also why I love this computer too.

I'll see you next time.

Written by Jae Beojkkoch, 2020