§ 25/05/2020

(Bank Holiday) Monday

Welcome! I'm Canadian, living and working in England. I've been doing everything by the book, and, should all go as planned, I'll be receiving permanent residency later this year. Fingers crossed.

Like many of the lucky ones right now, I'm using a lot of my work and personal time to learn new skills. I'm trained in computer science, but that was a long time ago. I was a Linux (mostly Red Hat)/Solaris sysadmin for a bit, but mostly I've just been running Linux at home for 15 years or so -- Ubuntu, since early on, largely; Mint these days, and LXLE on my netbook. (macOS at work now.)

I'm training to be a Splunk Core Certified Consultant. I'm a Certified Admin at the moment, going for Architect next month. I'm also both a Hashicorp Terraform Associate and Vault Associate. (You can validate all that through my LinkedIn profile, by the way.) The job is still new -- I just passed my probation a few weeks ago -- but at some point in the future, the idea is that I'll be designing and implementing software deployments, mostly around Splunk.

Other than that, I'm tinkering around with various projects, squeezed in between being a dad to two very active children. I'm blogging my learning as part of the 100 Days to Offload project, and, if I'm enjoying it as much as I am at the moment, I'll continue well beyond that.

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