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What's new?

About this site

Two questions are on your mind right now: What is this site for and why is it so ugly?

This is my personal website for anything my brain expells and considers worth sharing on the web. It's maintained via ssh on an Acer Aspire One, which constantly operates at the temperature of the sun and collapses at the very thought of a video like a 17th century aristocratic dame.

Due to its limitations it's really only good for text based stuff so fancy css animations and whatnot do not fly. Also the minimal css gives the site a retro aesthetic and I have less work to do.

Contact and DNI

You can reach me via email at johanna@ctrl-c.club. "DNI"s (do not interact..s) mostly consist of "don't be a dick" and don't really work but don't talk to me if you are in the pyramid scheme fandom (cryptocurrency).

Cool Buttons

Here's my obligatory button collection :^).

[piracy now] [best viewed in focus] [dr mario: you were diagnosed with gay] [I miss pictochat] [this is an anti nft site] [girls 4 notepad] [made using gnu nano] [compatilble with lynx] [death positive] [linux mint] [internet privacy now] [this site is hentai free] [made on GNU/Linux] [leave twitter, join mastodon]