Best snacks to eat while drinking mate

Mate is a very popular drink in my homecountry. It consists of a bunch of small leaves in a cup, with a special mate-straw (a normal straw but with small holes) and a little bit of very warm water, served from a special mate-termo (a normal termo with a handle).

It is traditionally served as it is, with a very strong, sour flavor, like a very concentrated tea, but some people insist in adding sugar or sweeteners to the drink. I strongly advise against the use of these ingredients.

Even worse than adding sugar, is to replace the warm water with cold juice. It goes against everything mate stands for. When meeting someone who defies tradition like this, one must be weary, for they are most likely not to be trusted.

I shall now introduce what I believe are the best snacks to eat while emjoying your very warm, bitter mate:

1- Cookies

The sweeter the better. I my favorites are Cachafaz, although pricey, they are worth every penny.

2- Alfajor

Very similar to cookies, but sweeter. I recommend the dark chocolate ones, ideally with a 70% cacao in them.

3- Toast

Bread should be as white as possible. You can (and should) spread butter on top. If it is not sweet enough, feel free to add honey to your toast, right on top of the butter.