03. July 2016

Recursion: A Broader View

Recursive functions are often deemed impractical, since they can be slower and more memory-intensive than their iterative counterparts. But a closer look at DFS shows that switching to iteration can actually worsen performance, if you’re not careful. When switching from recursive functions to iteration, understanding recursion rigorously is very important.


09. November 2015

Write it down

What do university, and full-time work have in common? They’re all frameworks for how to spend most of your waking hours. Rather than follow the framework blindly, I decided to observe how I spent my time as a full-time employee. So I kept a time log of what I did every day for 6 months. What I learned went beyond time management.


26. August 2015

Berkeley DB: Architecture

In my quest to learn more about how databases work, I started with Berkeley DB for one reason: simplicity. It doesn’t parse SQL, it doesn’t create a query plan, it doesn’t have a client/server architecture. It’s just a key-value store that you #include in your code. Intuitively it seems like it could be a building block in constructing a full blown relational database server.