7DRL 2021 Day 5


7DRL 2021

Day 5 - A visit to Moaning Cream Camp, and other Villages

Started at 11:30 and worked a few hours. Added random places/names, used a project-name-generator to get some honestly great (funny, silly) place-names generated.

Used a different npm package to generate people to be listed on tombstones. I copied the approach of Qud and made them silly, again. It's definitely easier. Under Covid, I wondered if this wasn't funny to do anymore. But I also think I'm looking for this kind of comedy now, even if it's only very juvenile.

Example output

Today: 2021-2-11
life: 18
Unarmed Ladybug Trading Post


Last movement: 2021-2-11
Today: 2021-2-11
life: 21
Bill Brekke
Dissapeared investigating dying

A few things to note in the above. It does record when you last played, and each move you take it ticks down a life. That's a misidentified word. It's how long you have until you go to sleep. When you are 'asleep' you can't play any longer that day, until the next day or until you create a new game.

Still to come: can i translate this to blessed, the node.js curses-like library?

And what about a different tileset then?

What else should be added? Some actions? Monsters?

The to-do list is medium long but at least it's at a somewhat playable state now, at least in a minimal viable 2d dream walkabout "zen"-like.

SpindleyQ, webmaster of Glorious Trainwrecks (a community of frankly weird game-makers - yep I'm one of them) pointed me to his Fringe Games podcast episode with Leonard Richardson, creator of robotfinds kitten.

Fringe Games Ep. 5 - Leonard Richardson

From this discussion and the show notes I realized I had attended Roguelike Celebration 2017 when he spoke about the game but I had missed the talk! I would have loved it. Thankfully, it's preserved online.

Leonard Richardson - Robot Finds Kitten at Roguelike Celebration 2017

Leonard's slides and notes

Leonard talks about the surprise, the discoverability, the quirkiness, and how rfk references things in the wider world. This game that he made in 3 days as he was a beginning programmer ignores some of the roguelike conventions (permadeath, inventory, what else?) and places an emphasis on the moment of discovery. What is this crazy thing? Ascii only added to the effect as you couldn't tell what the item was until you walked up to it and examined it. Noted.

Next I took a turn creating my own generator. I added a book generator and really had fun creating rules for deriving the title of the book. I used the project-name-generator npm package, combining it with my own lists of parts of descriptions and connecting words so that a very large and compelling, seemingly-infinite amount of books and simple descriptions can be generated. This part was really fun.

Lastly, I started reworking the terrain generator. I didn't want to sink too much time because I have a hunch I may switch to ASCII and Blessed tomorrow. There's a bug that I'll look into with fresh eyes. Mostly, I'm enjoying walking around and the discovery of books, items, tombstones. That was the goal, so now I just need to work on the play/nav/UI experience since this 'core mechanic' currently feels good.

Location: Beloved Dr. Michale Grimes
Couldn't stop licking