7DRL 2021 Day 6


7DRL 2021

Day 6 - A Tranquil Knife Shack

Did no work all day. It's now 11:55pm and I'm starting. LOL.

Well, my generator still makes me laugh...

🏛️: Great Pickle Camp
⛺: Embarrassed Cake Watering Hole
⛺: Fragile Actor Village
⛺: Nasty Company Village
🏚️: Toothsome Caption Camp
⛺: Typical Purpose Hideout
⛺: Cynical Credit House
⛺: Tranquil Knife Shack

First thing, fix the terrain generator. Ugh. Will report back. Goal is to get this working and switch to blessed (curses-like bindings) tonight.

Fixed terrain generator. Didn't take me that long.

Next step, looked into using blessed. I looked at some examples and played around with them. I tried changing colors of text, writing text to different lines, etc. That all went fine. Then I tried to load in a blank dungeon file and draw lines to the screen with blessed. That went okay. Then I tried to load in emojis. Darn, that didn't work. Emojis came out as ???? question marks. Time to abandon that.

Useful Unicode

Ok, so next I tested loading an external savefile with unicode text as terrain. That seemed to render okay. I tried it in gnome-terminal, st and tilda terminal emulators and all seemed okay at loading all of these unicode, in monospaced.

Test unicode text:

.┼..྿...☭ .....

Next step is to build blessed into my full program file. Not looking forward to this. Probably should have done this from the beginning. I should still think about if I want this to have the program run as the "message of the day" when booting up a terminal. That was my original idea at least.