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This is an update to my original post asking for help in a course I'm teaching on web technologies, collaboration and the internet to undergrad Computer Science students.

Why would students use gemini?

Thanks to everyone that emailed or posted a response.

I'm collecting the responses here:

Response posts

Apologies for my short summaries. Visit the links for the full (and more nuanced and considered) posts.

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sol writes on silicate sediments about their experience as a recent college grad that they were attracted to gemini as a 'chill place with low stakes.' They can post, create a simple home space that links to material they read, and they engage with people of a different demographic than they're used to. They also write about 'nostalgia' as a thing Gen-Z is attracted to, list some suggested capsules, and covering web / technology history might be a good lead in, as well as 'going against the grain and {embracing old stuff}'

on eph's gemlog (another recently graduated student) they write about teaching gemini as a 'toy protocol to understand the basics of networking and as a model for very simple and fast software'

on Dwemerartefakte their post suggests showing Lagrange on mobile, stress the non-commercial aspect of Gemini, use web proxies, show ansi/ascii art, run off a SBC

jecxjo writes about the lack of monetization and 'flashiness' of Gemini contributing to not making Gemini particularly compelling for students. He states that Gemini and the smolnet likely won't become 'popular' media.

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Next steps

Thanks so much to everyone that wrote or posted a response. This is super helpful. I'm still working on my lesson plans now but I do think a multi-week thing where I introduce Gemini, look at example capsules, 'social sites' like Bubble or how Antenna works, pick a client and customize it, and the spec will be in the first session. The next session perhaps we will try to implement building a client together. I appreciate the framing suggestions as well. I hope to be able to post more in a month or two with some follow-up on how it goes.

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