Happy birthday Gemini


Gemini is now four years old.

Four Years of Gemini! (solderpunk)

I promise you that if you dive deep enough you'll find non-tech-obsessed highschoolers using web front-ends to make cringey posts about their first loves in Geminispace. You'll find grieving widowers. You'll find poets. You'll find slice of life journals by people who rarely talk about computers. Even amongst the strictly tech focussed Geminauts, you'll find people boldly experimenting with making faster paced, more interactive, more social kinds of capsules than has been traditional thus far, and you'll find people for whom that is an entirely unappealing prospect swearing they'll stick to older ways.

Gemini's Fourth Anniversairy (jsreed)

I myself hoped Gemini would replace my Web presence when I first made my capsule, but now I understand that Gemini fills its own place.

I know on my end, where I have a web presence, am on Mastodon, a tilde community, and in my own IRL communities, Gemini and this capsule provides me with a different space to express myself and explore. I can keep a separate identity from my main professional work. I don't have to make sure my work here matches my professional goals or even my presence on social media. With minimal tools, without commercial interests, ads or monetization, I have a place I can enter on my own terms, engage with like minded folks, and then slip out the back door, without having to do a ton of setup, negotiate or dance around a corporation, or even spend much time on drudgery.

And for that I'm thankful, and I plan on sticking around at least for the immediate future.

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