Likes on Gemini? NO!



This is a pretty short post/rant about the new phenomenon I've noticed of *likes* on our nascent Gemini network/protocol.


*Liking* seems to come from an internal place of good. But it's actually a pernicious habit that grew out of social media. Liking, favoriting, starring... These are empty gestures. While we may think we are registering a digital head nod or smile, the end result of favoriting/liking is a quest for that addictive feeling one gets from accruing more and more of these likes in a never-ending quest. Even my favorite *social media* space and beloved community on Mastodon suffers from this problem. Heck, I am a hypocrite and use likes on Mastodon! I understand the desire, but I think it's a net negative for us here. Let's not kick off such an empty and addictive vague gesture.

Let's not clog our writing spaces with these extraneous attention-seeking numbers. Let's not add to the mental and visual clutter.

As I write this in January 2021 only a few gemlogs/capsules have implemented this like feature. But I say it should probably stop. Don't do it! Put your effort elsewhere. Send comments! Via email, via forms, or whatever. That at least has the potential for the start of a continuing conversation.

But just say no to likes!

End rant.

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