last updated: 2023-10-17

"Main streets" of Gemini

Antenna Feed Aggregrator

Bubble BBS discussion forums, microblogging, git tracking for the Gemini community

Chilly Weather

Cosmos post aggregator and responses to posts threading

Nightfall City (Link aggregrator / webring)

Flounder gemlog hosting service

List of Ctrl-C tilde club gemini capsules

Spacewalk gemlog update aggregator Gemini directory

LEO orbit (webring for Gemini)

Gemini capsules and gemlogs

Kelbot's Gemlog

Oberdada's capsule

Alex's gemlog

Compudanzas, Human-powered and human-scaled explorations of computation

nytpu's gemlog


Useful applications


NewsWaffle - read newspapers, magazines and many other www news sites and forums

Lasso Read-it-Later service for Gemini

Getting Started with Gemini

Project Gemini FAQ

Gemini Quickstart - Send this www page to anyone curious about Gemini (http)


SmolZINE is a gemini-based zine with lots of content, games, puzzles, articles

Kelbot's Offline Gemini Reading Script

Rawtext Club. Rawtext is a tilde community, and I like their introductory text as a potential model when I build DIY online communities

Gemini clients I use


Amfora (http)

Offpunk, which serves http and gemini content and renders images to ansi, a fork of AV-98 (http)

AV-98, a minimalist client in python, when all else fails (http)



Dillo-Gemini, a plugin for the ultra-lightweight www browser Dillo (http)


Elaho (http)


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