notes on using commands for IRIS messaging forum for

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Iris is a CLI-based message forum. On it, members of
can exchange messages with anyone on the server. The general rules
and etiquette therein are pretty straight forward/common sense. Be
nice, and everyone is ok :)

For questions/comments about things, one can contact the admin via:
Email -

But let's get into the details of using Iris

The steps to get there are pretty simple:

SSH into the server via your login credentials (SSH
key + password), and then type iris

You're in!

You can type help for a list of commands, which will display
the following info:


Iris v1.1.1 readline interface

topics, t - List all topics
unread, u - List all topics with unread messages
# (topic id) - Read specific topic
next, n - Read the next unread topic
mark_read #, m # - Mark the associated topic as read
mark_all_read - Mark all messages as read
help, h, ? - Display this text

compose, c - Add a new topic
reply #, r # - Reply to a specific topic
edit #, e # - Edit a topic or message
delete #, d #, undelete # - Delete or undelete a topic or message

freshen, f - Reload to get any new messages
reset, clear - Fix screen in case of text corruption
info, i - Display Iris version and message stats
quit, q - Quit Iris

Full documentation available here:


Upon initial launch of Iris the topics therein are automatically
listed. So one can go through and see a topic that interests them
and then go directly to that topic by typing in the topic ID (under
the first column of "ID"). As of now, the ID number count is generally
1 to 3 digits at the time of this writing (12.2.2022) So, in the
hundreds. Upon entering a topic, the entirety of the topic's contents
will be displayed within the CLI. The original post, the replies, etc.

Let's discuss READING:

To display the list of all topics, type t (for "topics"), which
will then be displayed within the CLI

Type u (for "unread"). And a list all unread topics will be

By typing n (for "next topic"), it will bring one to the
next unread topic.

To mark a topic as being read, type m (for "mark read") and
then the topic ID, the topic will be marked as read. So for
topic 1, for example, the syntax would be m 1

To mark ALL messages as read, type mark_all_read.

By typing h (for "help") a list of commands will be displayed
within the CLI, as well as a link to full documentation on
Iris available on Github

And now onto WRITING:

By typing c (for "compose") one will be taken to a
CLI-based text editor (currently Nano Editor), where
the document will be blank. Type what you like (friendly :))
and then save the document like a usual document on that particular
editor. It will then be listed in the Iris message forum,
and will have it's own topic ID

To reply to a specific topic, type r (for reply) and then the
topic ID. The syntax for replying to topic with the ID of 1,
for example, would be r 1. A blank document will open via the
CLI text editor, where a reply can be filled in. Once saved, the
text "Reply saved!" will be displayed within the CLI

To edit one's own topic on Iris, type e (for "edit") and
then the number for the topic ID. The syntax for editing a topic
with the ID of 1, for example, would be e 1. The document will
open via CLI editor, and after editing is complete, it can be saved
where the CLI will display the text "Message edited!"

To delete a topic, type d (for "delete") and then the topic ID.
The syntax for deleting a topic with the ID of 1, for example,
would be d 1

To undelete a topic, type undelete and then the topic ID. The
syntax for undeleting a topic with the ID of 1, for example, would
be undelete 1


To refresh/reload Iris, type f (for "freshen") and the topics
will refresh

By typing reset or clear, it will fix the screen for any text

By typing i (for "info"), it will display the Iris version,
as well as message stats. Including number of topics, number of
messages and author count

To quit Iris type q (for "quit") and you will be taken back
to the CLI prompt

For further questions or comments about Iris, feel free to
contact the admin: