Some guidelines/suggestions for topics to be included in Ctrl-ZINE
- Smol Web (what it is, what one interprets it as, perceives it to be, what they enjoy about it)
- WWW (anything/everything one loves or dislikes of the Web as we know it)
- WWW/communication protocols (Gem/Gopher/HAM radio)
- Old web social/new web social (Smol Web social media, delineation from large social media services)
- Netiqeuette (one's personal "code of conduct" while online)
- Personal experience essays
- Smol Web snaps (photos - e.g desk setups, art/writing/computer stations, any tech-oriented photos one wants to share)
- Science Fic/Fan Fic (under 600 words)
- Micro-Fic (a Fiction story (any genre) containing no more than eight *words* (very small))
- Software (built/maintained by the person submitting, or reviews of software they use)
- Scripts and code (written/maintained by the person submitting)
- Games (built/designed by the person submitting, or reviews of games they enjoy online)
- Art (self-explanatory - personal contributions)

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