💽 A Few Short Scripts - lovetocode999

A few short scripts that I have written for my own personal use. Feel free to use this for yourself! ;)



A short script to convert entire gemini capsules to websites.

    webify-gemini.sh <Gemini source directory> <HTML source directory> <Capsule address> <Website address>

    webify-gemini.sh /var/gemini/users/lovetocode999/ /home/lovetocode999/public_html/ gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club/~lovetocode999/ http://ctrl-c.club/~lovetocode999/

This script also creates three files in the specified HTML directory:

After the first run these files will not be touched by the script again (unless they are deleted), thereby allowing the user to do whatever they like with them. Note that HTML has no way of sourcing files, so the header and footer are inserted into the HTML when the script is run, meaning user-created files will not be affected and the changes to the header and footer will not show until the script is run again.

See it in action!



This is a web mirror of my gemini capsule, gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club/~lovetocode999. If you don't know what gemini:// is, check it out here!