Lucian Popescu

Academic Experience

Lucian is a Master's Student at Politehnica University of Bucharest. He got his Bachelor in Computer Science from the same university. His Bachelor's Thesis is called "Case Study of Evaluating Porting Costs: Porting IxOS on ARM Boards" that is avaliable here. Now he's researching in the area of compiler optimizations and undefined behavior. More specifically, he tries to understand the performance impact of compiler optimizations that are based on undefined behavior. You can find the progress here.

Professional Experience

Lucian also works as a Software Engineer. Currently he's employed at Harman and writes software for BMW ECUs focusing on automotive networking. In the past he worked at Keysight where he wrote software for network visibility tools, network devices orchestration and clock synchronization over Wi-Fi. He also did some Android and Web development but it didn't stick with him.

Past Projects

Projects that Lucian contributed to:

Current Projects

Projects Lucian is currently working on:

Projects For The Future

These are projects that I would like to get finished but don't have the time for them now:

Software that Lucian uses

In no specific order: Debian, OpenBSD, vim, sh, ssh, clang, Firefox, weechat, dwm, dmenu


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