name: Lucian Popescu
    occupation: Graduate Student / Systems Engineer
    academic institutions: Politehnica University of Bucharest


    email: lucic71@ctrl-c.club


    i'm still young and i don't want to be an ideologist yet.
    i'm trying to test ideas and see if i can keep them, otherwise i
    discard them.

    more than that, i'm an east european so bullshit and sophistications
    don't work for me. i like to keep things frugal because that's how
    mama and tata thaught me.


  • minimal things
  • whatever they were made for
  • and nothing more
  • maintainability

  • easy for one person to service
  • low/no dependencies - especially on people
  • reliability

  • things so simple and focused
  • they can't help but work correctly
  • and obviously
  • every single time