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there are three basic ways you can use this page:

  1. if you just want to see what your weekly top 10 is (i.e. "preview" it), simply type in your user name (leave the email address as the default -- "/dev/null" -- and click the "go" button. your top 10 artists for the week will be displayed to you on the next page.
  2. if you want your top 10 to be emailed to you in html format, simply type in your user name and input your personal email address (NOTE: make sure you type your email address in correctly!!!) and click the "go" button. you will receive an email (check your junk mail or spam folder if you can't see it in your main inbox) that has the html code for your top 10. simply copy and paste that into a tumblr text post (in html mode) and post it to your tumblr.
  3. (easiest way) if you want to post your top 10 directly to your tumblr, simply type in your user name and input your tumblr "post by email" email address (you can find it in the settings for your tumblr. see this picture). it will look like random numbers and letters -- something like ""). then click the "go" buton and your top 10 will be posted straight to your tumblr for you.