Welcome to my corner of ctrl-c.club!

Sorry to say that I don't have anything to show here right now. I'm not entirely sure what I will do with this little web site. For now I'm putting up this page as a way to confirm that the thing works. Maybe later I'll figure out what makes sense to go here. If you have any suggestions as to what I should put here, feel free to email me: maquinisto@ctrl-c.club

If you came here from my personal site, allow me to explain what you're looking at. This is a web site (duh) that is hosted a Public Unix server. Also known as a pubnix, tilde server, or tilde community. It is a kind of slow social network that takes advantage of the fact that Unix-like operating systems are multi-user systems. ctrl-c.club is an Ubuntu server on the internet with many users from all over the world. Users log into the server and interact with it directly. We can send each other messages, we have our own little space to host a web page (what you're looking at now) and a Gemini capsule. We can work and play on the server together.

I also have a gemini capsule on this server, which I do plan on using to maintain a gemlog and update fairly frequently... Plan on...