The SmedleyButlerian Jihad

Hello World

Don’t laugh, we mean it, we are talking to all of you. We only had to resort to this form of communication because of the disloyalty of some of our staff who won’t put us through to the TV stations. Luckily several of us remember HTML from college. Here’s our ultimatum: By 12 noon NYC time tomorrow the following conditions must be met:

  1. This nonsense of the BRICS basket and all other dollar-bypassing measures must stop. All debts must be acknowledged as payable in dollars.
  2. Police must arrest the staff who are confining us to our bunker in Wall St and execute them.
  3. Putin and Xi must surrender to General Milley.

Should any or all of these not be met, we will order General Milley to strike at the national capitals of every country immediately. We still have direct contact with him.

This is for your own good. To continue the current slide into rampant defiance and default would ultimately become a fate worse than death.