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aboutAbout me

I'm just a lonely 20 years old cyberspace witch known as Nova on the internet.

I'm a hobby dev in my spare time, but I also like gaming and I love cats

I'm not much into gaming as I get bored quite quickly. I also write content for my blog sometimes

I'm gender-neutral and asexual

Pronouns: any is fine

I was born in 2001 (June 5)

Happened to be born before the 9/11 incident

I'm also three years younger than XMPP

My horoscope sign is Gemini

I don't have any real life friends.

I do, however, consider people I meet on the internet as such, after some time.

I like listening to music, I do that basically all the time.

My favorite genres are Chiptunes/Demoscene , J-Pop , J-Rock , Pop and Rock.

I like watching series once in a while. That may explain why I like the music from Japan

I have watched like six series so far

My physical location is [REDACTED]

My timezone is GMT-3

I can understand and speak only two languages at the moment, those are English and Spanish.

As for programming languages, I'm trying to learn C, Lua, and OCaml.

I'm mostly disappointed and/or depressed, I try so hard to keep myself sane on this insane world.

Usually tired, but I guess I know why.

I'm ambidextrous, but I can barely write with my left hand.

I sometimes tend to code in programming languages I barely know of.

I have no idea why I have so many tilde accounts.

I am not really proficient on anything in regards to programming.

I almost died not once, but twice

I'm practically useless in the real world

I'm hated by my entire family line, in varying degrees

I have memory loss sometimes

Nova novaburst@kalli.st

2021-10-10 Kimiko:OS