Hi! My name is novacheri1 (nova-cherry); any pronouns. I'm a 17y/o genderqueer person living on the U.S. East Coast with High-Functioning Autism. I've created this page so that people can sort of get to know me, at a glance. I'll list some of my interests, and my contact info if you want to talk to me.

I do have a variety of things that I'm into. My interests tend to shift about, but for the most part I'm a computer nerd, rail enthusiast, lore writer, a Furry, and even a Brony. I've always been interested in computers, from their history to how they work. I have a variety of computer hardware lying around, and even run two rack servers from my bedroom! I've been running Linux since around 2018, and have also been learning how to program. Aside from computers, I like to write characters and engage in world-building; both interests came about from a lot of online role-play I've engaged in. Making characters and settings are just something I've always seemed to enjoy.

If you need contact me, you can reach me through E-Mail: novacheri1@protonmail.com, Matrix: @novacheri1:bark.lgbt, and Discord: novacheri1. Thanks for reading.

Last updated: 9 March 2024