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Glittering Light

Casual turn-based rogue-lite with an abstract, dream-like theme

Glittering Light is a casual turn-based rogue-lite with an abstract, dream-like theme. The goal is to get as far as possible, collecting glitter for score along the way, and avoiding the nightmares. A typical playthrough lasts 5 to 15 minutes, but the game doesn't have a last level — and the levels never repeat.

Screenshot of a text-based game running in a terminal emulator, showing a colorful maze, partly uncovered.

This page is home to the original text-based game, that can be played in a terminal emulator, and the native port of the same.


Python edition:

Native port (2020):

All editions are open source under the MIT License (included in the files).

How to play

Use the cursor keys to move around; press ? in-game to see other commands. Being right next to a nightmare increases your fear, while moving to the next level decreases it. Glitter also helps with that; speed lets you outpace the nightmares, as for light, the effects should be obvious.

Contact and links

You can usually find me on IRC, in the #ctrl-c channel of, or see inside the archives for my e-mail. Would love to hear from you either way. See also:

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