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Lost in the Jungle

A silly little adventure game of resource management and survival

Welcome, traveler! This is a silly little adventure game of the resource management / survival variety that can be played on a coffee break. It runs in text-mode and only needs the number keys for input.

Screenshot of a text-based adventure game running in a terminal emulator, showing an intro, menu colorful user interface.


Both archives include source code in the Nim programming language.

How to play

Get a move on every time you have the chance, but don't neglect rest, or your health. The game hints at how close you are to safety — watch for the jungle growing less dense — and tells you when you're starting to get tired. That happens more easily when you're hurt. Persist, there is an end to the journey.

Hidden command: pressing Escape or 0 (zero) in any menu interrupts the game.

License and contact

Lost in the Jungle is open source under the MIT License. See the included read-me file for contact information.

Known issues

Color mode assumes a white-on-black terminal, and glitches if the defaults are reversed.

The game can be very random and that's been known to annoy some players.

Gameplay is also somewhat repetitive due to few different encounters.

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