Nynix's Webpage

The name's J. Ellis. I enjoy (learning) programming and I'm currently having a grand 'ol time familiarizing myself with UNIX-based systems. This webpage is going to be pretty empty until I can come up with some content worth existing.

I am fascinated by pure-HTML, static websites, and truely belive that they are vastly supperior when compared to the flashy nonsense of web 2.0. Either that or pure HTML is all I know how to do. Equally likely.

Any project that I like enough will be put here:

Tic: A simple tic-tac-toe game scripted in bash. Still needs some major polishing, but is functional.

These projects can be found under /home/nynix/scripts if you want to check them out!

This is where I plan on putting my writings, i.e. stories, microblogs, etc.

Webpage "maintained" by J. Ellis