Welcome to The Bird Cave!

(It's much better than the bat cave.)



Hi there!

I am primarily a coffeeshop owner and avid barista, and I run a coffeeshop called Penny University Coffeehouse, in Santa Fe, NM, with my girlfriend and her family.

In the future, I want to be a web and application developer, web and graphic designer, and/or video game developer. I want to learn more about the world of code, video games, and developement of all types before I decide what to do next.

Coffee is not my only hobby-vice that I take to extreme levels; I am also a hookah enthusiast, a motorcycle-lover (Not yet a rider), and a frequent beer-drinker.

I've also become a bit entranced with the idea of the internet of things; I have too many ideas for what could be done with Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino, and intend on buying one or more of each to play with.

I'm often on IRC, or you can mail me at parrot@ctrl-c.club.

I am also easily reachable at all times on twitter

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Social experiment: let's see how long i keep it updated.


This Page:

This page, and by extension, ^c, will be my playground for html/css, JS, Golang, and any other languages I happen to play with along the way. I also intend on adding a blog,


This blog has a CMYK color scheme to remind folk that cyan, magenta, and yellow are the true primary colors. Also because it has a super bright fun 90's feel, which is what tildes are all about, no?


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I am a graphic designer, in the future I will put some of my work here!

In the Wild

So far, the only examples of my work in the wild are here.