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Day Off September 06, 2015.

So I just opened a coffeeshop

... and I haven't had a day off in a very long time.

In fact, yesterday (the 5th) was my second day off in about 2 months, and me and my girlfriend's first day off together. While I get morning's off once a week, having a full day off has become a nearly alien concept to me. On my down time at the shop, I'm on my computer, usually hanging around IRC. When I get home, I set up a hookah and watch a couple episodes of whatever show I'm watching (right now, it's white collar.)

But yesterday I had a full day off. as in, I woke up, and didn't have any obligations for the whole day. We went to lunch at a nice restaurant, did a bit of "out on the town" shopping, smoked cigars at a local lounge, (it was both of our first cigars) and drank whiskey at George R.R. Martin's movie theater.

Then, we went home, set up a hookah, and watched a couple episodes of White Collar. It's a fantastic show.

I have never enjoyed relaxing quite as much. In fact, I've never found relaxing to be quite so relaxing. Working nearly seven ten-hour days a week has made me appreciate my time off more than anything. Running this coffee shop has been the most gratifying thing I've ever done, but the days are long and hard, the returns are small (so far), and there's little else that I do anymore.

Today I got the morning off, too, but that just culminated in me sleeping in quite a bit, which was also awesome.

Not sure where I'm going with this.

Nothing to report otherwise.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!


I had a day off. It was amazing.


My Coffeeshop, yet again

George R.R. Martin's movie theater


Ideas September 04, 2015.

I have too many ideas

I've started carrying around a notebook in which I write all of the silly ideas that I have. Design ideas, app ideas, business ideas, code ideas. They all go into my book. For example, I had an idea for a poster series about captain america's sheild. The first one would be a minimalist Captain America sheild. Then, a sheild with the Sherlock Holmes pipe instead of the star. then, a McDonald's sheild with the M at the center. etc, on and on, with Welcome to Night Vale, among other awesome stuff.

If you've never heard Welcome to Night Vale, by the way, it's amazing. Seriously, it's the coolest podcast in the whole world. It's also been known to cause confusion, confusion-like symptoms, existential, interstential, and intrastential crisis', and eventually, insanity. You've been warned.

I've also had this great idea for the longest time for a scheduling app. It would be able to keep track of everything, and integrate seemlessly with your life, and help you balance work, school, social life, and homework, whether it be work or school homework. It would also be a calandar. I have a lot more notes about this particular idea, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Other ideas include obscene "Sailor Soap," QR codes that redirect with preset hashtags, i.e. it would redirect to twitter with #rocks #geology at a geology convention (don't know why I thought of that), and a server-side forum for tildes.

Oh, yeah!

I have this really fun idea for a server-side forum, since the server's IRC is often fairly quiet.

Functions it should have:

Mail me on the server if you have ideas, or want to help when I get started! I'll start a git repo soon enough so we can work on it.


I have ideas, one's for a server-side tilde forum, email me if you're interested.


Welcome to Night Vale


So Far September 03, 2015.

Let's give this blog some context.

So, perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself. I'm 21, male, live in Santa Fe, and have since I was 6. I was born in Portland, OR, and plan on someday moving back there. I graduated highschool in 2012, and puttered around for a few years going to community college and working. A year and a half ago, I met my girlfriend, and we moved in together pretty darned quick. About 6-8 months ago, we started talking about opening a business. with the help and financial support of her parents, my extensive experience as a barista, and her general orginizational and food-service industry knowhow, we opened that business about a month a go, and boy is it a crazy experience. Now that things are starting settle down a bit again (though every day is a roller coaster) and we're starting to get into a rhythm, I'm starting to pick up some hobbies again: code, computers, and blogging. The blogging is more of a byproduct of ^c, but it's always good to write. Personal writing, for me, has always been more difficult, too, so hopefully I'll be able to get that happening a little bit.

And here we are! Now, just to add some normality to this blog, I want to tell you about something I found yesterday. When I first started learning code (I started with Ruby) I was using a learning tool called codecademy. They just created a new course all about the command line which I think has helped my understanding of the command line quite a bit already. It teaches you how to navigate a filesystem, use pipes, and a couple other handy tricks. They make you use nano, though, instead of vim, which just rubs me the wrong way, but I guess I understand why. Vim pretty much killed me when I first tried it, and even now I'm only good at super basic vim. Though I'm learning. My goal with vim is to learn as much as I think I need, when I notice that I need it, until I'm awesome at it.

I think the point where the bloger starts talking about vim is just about when the blog should end, so I'll leave you with that.


I'm 21, opened a coffeeshop, am getting back into coding and blogging, recently found a command line course, and and shit at vim.


My coffeeshop

Interactive Command Line Course


Hello World September 02, 2015.

And now for the obligatory "Hello, world" post.

Seriously, if you write both code and blogs, you have to write at least a few hellow world posts in your life, whether it be tutorials, or just regular blog posts in which you think your clever. If you add this on to actual programs, I'm pretty sure "hello" and "world" must be the two most commonly typed words by programmer-kind.

So, Hello, World. I am going to try to make this blog the stdout of my life.


stdout: Hello, World.