June 22 - 2015 at 00h
RK4 (again) and etc

Hi everyone!

I know you guys get upset when you do not hear from me... so here is a little post bout what I have been doing this week.

Implemented RK4

This is not something I do every week... just in the weeks that I'm thinking about messing around with quantum mechanics and bioinformatics.

Talked to Stephen Larson

This is the guy from OpenWorm he is an super duper awesome guy! He showed me the work they are doing (and that I want to do with them), like building geppetto and other awesome things like neural simulation. If everythin goes well I will help them with the 3d visualization stuff.

Tip: This probaly explains why I'm messing around with RK4.

Read a dozen scientifica papers

This is a conservative estimation. Probably I read a couple dozen. All about C. elegans or neuronal activity or Hodgkin-Hunley model.

Lost my time over xkcd

No comments.

Started a roguelike

I used my old rogue engine.


Did you know that instead of typing:


I do:

ssh <right arrow>

man... I'm lazy.

I am waiting for cataclysm dda to finish downloading. They released 0.C! Long time (three months) since I played it.

Also, maybe I will dowload dwarf fortress later. Or just keep reading my quantum physics books. I don't know.

My little post turned out to be pretty big. WOW!

See you later, guys & gals!