June 17 - 2015 at 22h
The tilde game

Some of you probably noticed (those of you who checked my twitter) that I am kind of skilled at game development.

The Idea

I was here, thinking in how to get us closer, and I had the wonderfull (maybe when I wake up tomorrow I will not think this way anymore...) idea of making us code something together.

Okay, by what I wrote in the first paragraph of this post, you may have noticed where this is going...

Lets Make a Game!

Yeah! This was my superb great idea: make a game.

Wait... you are going too fast. What kind of game are we talking about?

I am not completely sure yet, but something like a full-text game, or maybe something more nethackish.

Hmm... and what language/platform are we talking about?

No idea. I have to find the guys who want to make a tilde game™ first and then see how we cold make it work for everyone.

Uh... and what would this game talk about?

Some crazy story that begins with someone using his/her tilde. No. A crazy story about alien tildes! Nope. Crazy tildecalypse story!

You got the keywords: crazy, tilde.

Hmm... go to sleep man!

Going. See you all!