May 30 - 2015 at 09h
about me

This is a test About Me blog post.

If you are seeing this in a web browser, this means that I ran the command bake (make+blog) in this directory and some html files appeared magically.

You should also be seeing the latest date this post was edited and maybe the creation date. If you are not seeing these, this means that I am still working on bake.

The Real about me

I am a nice skinny guy, who uses almost all his time to make things that are at best not so usefull. For example, the server side of this blog is written in C (not really, C just converts markdown files).

Currently I am working with Rust (first thing I made when I got here was to make sure admin had the compiler installed). And what I am making with Rust, you ask?

  1. Bioinformatics algorithms
  2. This is some space for this list to grow just so you can know it can grow

I am working to solve all the rosalind problems. It will take a long time, but hopefully I will have them done someday. You can check my progress by looking at my folders in ~/code/bioinfo/. Each folder is for a problem.


There are some ways to talk to me outside some of them are:

[at]felipeoltavares - go talk to me on twitter

madprogrammer/philips/subway - if you find me in an underground IRC channel (ludum dare's one is the best shot)

felipe.oltavares [that symbol]

Geek Code

Version: 3.12
GCS/GS/GMU d-(pu)>++ s+:-- a---
C++(+++) UL+++ P+ L+++ E++ W+++
N o? K? w O M+ V? PS+(++) PE-
Y+ PGP+ t+ 5?>+ X?>++ R@>++ !tv
b+++ DI? D++(+++) G++>G+++ e-*
h* r++ y**