May 16 - 2015 at 12h
bake + r

Hi! I'm back.

Let's talk about what I am working on, but first I must talk to you that I spoke to our dear admin about publishing my tool (bake) systemwide. He gave me a few suggestions of what I needed to do before he could put the tool in common place (the sacred bin).

Some of these were:

  1. Put the code in some place people could access (read: GitHub)
  2. Choose a license

I was thinking of just pushing the code to github... but if you read my code (I bet you didn't) you will find that it is a pure, dirty mess.

As some of you may know, I'm using Rust for some of my projects, because I really love the language. And I began thinking of rewriting bake in Rust, after all, it's just a small tool. But I'm also very found of C++, in fact, I have done so much work in it that it's very hard to think of using anything else.

And this was my conflict: write it in better C, write it in C++ or write it in Rust.

The young ones are cutier. Rust won.

I'll use this post to update my progress before a initial 0.1 release. After that, I'll move it to github and you can contribute diretly!

  • [x] Reading (new) bakefile format
  • [x] Reading (new) template format (and storing it in much better way)
  • [x] Support for customizable "post generators"
  • [ ] Support for the markdown post generator
  • [ ] Sandboxed javascript code for each post
  • [ ] .netrec files support

(thanks to: ~caasi, I love to read your posts; eric: for the mention on the main page)

See you! ~philips