May 30 - 2015 at 15h
compiled poetry

I have a friend called Soraya Roberta. She is an awesome poetess and she is starting a movement called Compiled Poetry.

I am giving her cover in the super-tech stuff.


What is it?

Compiled poetry is a movement where beauty ideas from coding as art are applied to the art of poetry. Poetry is writen as code. As everyone knows, every coder loves syntax highlight, and with compiled poetry it is no different, syntax highlight is applied to give ideas and show differences of meaning between different terms.

Is it a thing yet?

No, it's just starting. We still have a lot of ground to cover before this turns to be the biggest art movement in the century :P

We are working in a "compiled poetry workflow" and also puting up a website for the movement and some other things, but for those of you who love poetry and love coding, it's on! Go and start compiling poetry right now!

Also considered compiled poetry

Code that when you compile & run (or just run, in the case of interpreted langs) gives you poetry in result. This is not our invention, I believe, but it's cool and we also embrace it.

Was it our invention?

Probably not. But my friend Soraya had the idea without looking into any source. So, if you know of a similar movement or people who do similar things, contact me so we can unite efforts!

I can hear you shouting "Finally, a decent post again!" :P

See you!