May 30 - 2015 at 22h
crazy and crazier

A tilde lover introduction to tildes

We all love tildes. Tildes are a truly awesome place, because here we are in direct contact with the machine. We feel it. And we are also in contact with others.

The feeling of brutally open tech, waiting to be improved in every aspect that one could possibly imagine makes us want to do things. Things we do not do in other places because... someone already did it.

Here we feel it's ok to reinvent things.

And you know what? This is cool. Not only cool, also awesome. There's no waste in reinventing things, because for you, they are new. And this is what matters. And by doing things you would never do in other ambients, you get an out of the box thinking. You learn new things for you. You enjoy yourself.

Saying "Someone already did it" is just an excuse not to learn some superb obscure nerdy computer thingies.

And when we are tired of reinventing things, we invent new ones. This is even more cool!

It's like pizza, you would never stop eating because someone told you he already ate one. You eat and you feel good. By feeling good, you make other people feel good. And it is even better to eat with others, excatly like we do here in the tildes!

Blah Blah Blah over, lets talk

For us, hackers and *NIX guys, here it's a nice warm place. But for others, how could we give them the experience we have here? I believe the makers already know how, but reinventing is truly understending, so...

I have not quite imaginated how yet, but there are a few interesting points.

  1. Limited tools
  2. Limited but direct contact
  3. Contact but privacy

This could not only be a really interesting phisolophical subject but could also result in the discovery of a nice workplace design for companies.





For everyone: feel free to drop me a mail about this (or any other) subject! I'm always interested in cool things. You can find my e-mail somewhere here... in an about me post, I think. Mails about typos are also greatly appreciated, as I sometimes can miss some of them.

Not over yet!

Also, ~pgadey mentioned about my compiled poetry micro-manifesto in his page!