June 03 - 2015 at 22h
facebook thumbnails

Today I was messing around with facebook thumbnails for my little pet project (that isn't that little). What I found is that you can define some nice meta properties for OpenGraph, such as og:image, og:title and others, and then facebook will automagically add those when you post a link to your page.

A little trick

Sometimes you change your thumbnail and facebook do not update it, so what can you do? You can go overhere and tell it to update your url.

Added css for inline code

Well, not exactly. I'll add it after I put this post on, so you may find that the above heading is lying to you. Do not trust it.


And now, Poesia Compilada has a nice logo! (Yeah! I'm getting the hang of vectorial drawing!)

I never tried to put an image here, so I dont know what will happen...

There you go:

Poesia Compilada Logo

Bye bye! See you all soon!