May 29 - 2015 at 09h
good looking and fast pdfs

Hi folks!

So, today I'm gonna talk about a way to generate good looking PDFs from markdown really fast.

I'm using it for almost everything nowdays, because markdown is almost perfect, so I can focus on writting instead of on formatting or spending days compilling tools for converting to PDFs and such.

Maybe some of you are Windows guys... maybe it is better stick to Office.

The idea is to use the Atom editor, which I consider to be nearly a new generation EMACS, add some plugins to it and easily work from inside the editor generating PDFs for everything.

Some very common use cases:

  1. Print QR codes for bitcoin and throw them out the window!
  2. You can write reward posters!
  3. Write recipients for your neighbours!

So, the packages I'm talking about are markdown-pdf and markdown-preview.

Wait! You said Atom can be even compared to EMACS?!

Oh yep. The idea behind them is the same, to have an editor that is


The real difference between them is the tech used to build them.

And... maybe... some shortcuts.

Ahh, I see... you made a post about installing packages in an editor...

I know, I need psychological care.

No, I fooled you all, this post is really about my new shiny blockquotes.