May 24 - 2015 at 17h
lang 8

Today I learned about a website called lang-8. I found it after I tried talkalang, which is still in a very early beta, so I can't really use it.

A little update on baker's situation

I stopped developing baker, because Rust 1.0 isn't stable as I need it to be (e.g.: missing API parts). Instead, I got bake's source code and ported it to C++, which as I mentioned before was my previous option.

You will hear from me soon on this. I think I'll be able to release bake at the beginning of the next month.

The story of how I burned a pizza

It's a very simple story. I put it in the stove, started watching videos from Porta dos Fundos. When I got back to the kitchen, all I could see was smoke. And my pizza... well, you know.

A thing I was thinking about

There is a thing I don't know if there's a word for in english (mail me if you know one). In my native language, it's called "modinha", and it refers to when people start to buy things/act in a certain way just because others are doing the same.

So, what happens is that usually, there is a lot of people saying that this is okay, and a lot of people saying people should not do anything because others are doing it. The idea was to put up a website "" or something like this where people could vote if something was modinha or not.

See you all!