May 30 - 2015 at 09h
updates updates

Hello folks!

You probably noticed I made some very minor changes to the blog...

I'll enumerate them so you can follow easily.

1. Permalinks

I am now using the LINK SYMBOL in permalinks. π was a bit strange, I believe. The new and awesome LINK SYMBOL looks like this: 🔗.

2. Overall CSS

All new CSS.

Probably you are already accustumed to the almost weekly CSS changes. This is because I believe people like to see changes. There's no perfect design, there's the design that's good. And if it changes, even better.

I think this makes people see that you are alive, and people like to be part of something that is alive. This makes them also more alive! Win-Win for everyone.

3. More HTML5

I am using more HTML5 tags, things like:



4. Updated GeekCode

I added my GeekCode recently, but without version. Now this is fixed.

5. Analytics

Also added this a bit ago, but forgot to mention, now I can see y'all!

I think that is all... at least I can't remember right now of anything else.