June 07 - 2015 at 12h
week log

This week I didn't do much... except for things related to compiled poetry. I'll make a little summary of the things I worked since the last update.

  1. Ace Editor

    I've been messing around with the Ace Editor. The idea is to provide people with a way of writing compiled poetry right from the browser. It's working more or less okay, but I still have to learn how to do some things.


    By the way, the blog is up and it uses the new version of bake! (here I still use the old, while I implement the nethack player again in the new). Also, for all of you who do not speak Portuguese (I believe this is almost all of you), D├ębora Azevedo, a friend of Soraya, translated one of the compiled poems, you can find it in here: Prayer to Python.

  3. Sang Prayer to Python

    I made a song version of Prayer to Python, not very good since I'm not a good singer, but it was nice to experiment with the idea.

  4. Wrote a compiled poem

    It's about women. I really liked it and I'm gonna publish it as soon as I have the tools to make it beautiful ready.

  5. The Definitive Compiled Poetry Manifesto

    I am writing it to use the <canvas> element... it's gonna be


  6. Discovered a nice way to chat on the web