United Trumps Trump and Mao-chan Retires

Wednesday, 12 Apr, 2017

The United débâcle trumped even Trump, in the 24 hour news cycle. And, Mao-chan retires.

After seeing this incident for a day, I think while it’s true that United or any other carrier has the right to remove anyone from the flight, and yes, you have to “comply with flight crew instructions”, it was handled really poorly. What’s next, gunning people down? I’m only half joking.

I think flight crews do a great job dealing with all manner of crap, but this was really extra ham-handed. Some media are reporting about Dr. Dao (the reaccommodatee) is a felon, and so on. Is that relevant? He did pitch a fit, which was wrong too, but he was a paying customer so I can’t see what previous crimes have to do with it.

United and or the carrier operating as United put their own needs above all else after their screw-up. There should have been a way to solve this without it devolving into a fuselage fight club.

And in local front page news, Mao Asada “Mao-chan” announced her retirement. She probably wanted to avenge that silver Olympic medal, but it’s probably better to quit while you’re ahead. She had a stellar career and is the darling of Japan. Besides, she’s only 26! New chapter!