Trouble Comes for Free

Thursday, 13 Apr, 2017

I always say that trouble comes for free in your life, so don’t create more of it yourself.

Of course there are people who live by creating trouble as their raison d’ĂȘtre (here’s looking at you, Baron Munchausen), but in my thinking, life dishes out trouble anyway, so why make it more difficult.

People who are constantly negative are as impractical in thought as people who are constantly positive. People who make even more mistakes to compound the problem as the pressure mounts, then bail, are another good example. People who fail to plan at all. People who blurt out problems expecting magic, as though nobody else ever noticed it and just failed to wave their magic wand to fix it. People who insist on looping you in to their every issue.

I like people who fix problems and will fix problems with me. I hope I’m not an example of the above.

P.s.: Munchausen Syndrome is colloquially called “match pump” in Japanese. S/he who lights the match also yields the pump. Very descriptive. Almost poetic.