TMSIDK is a Fake News Antidote #TryPod

Tuesday, 18 Apr, 2017

The new-ish podcast “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” (TMSIDK) from Stephen Dubner, strikes me as a kind of antidote to “fake news” so common these days.

It’s a new format. In their own words:

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is a live game show and podcast hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics books and host of Freakonomics Radio. He has always had a mission: to tell you the things you thought you knew but didn’t; and things you never thought you wanted to know, but do. Now, he has a new way of doing just that. TMSIDK is still journalism, still factual — but disguised in the most entertaining, unexpected, and occasionally ridiculous conversation you’re likely to hear.

I keep thinking it’s an “antidote” in a sly way, because of the focus they bring to (admittedly ad hoc) fact checking, because a part of the game is to judge the “IDKs” participants present as fact, and because of how we get to observe the thought processes of some very smart people.

It’s a real pleasure, and you might like it too. The show has some serious heavy hitters as panelists. Check it out!

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