Life is Precious

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

A recent event drove home how precious life is. This was it…

A gal I marched with in drum and bugle corps in the ’80s, Laurie, suddenly died. It’s heartbreaking and shocking, to me, given her relatively young age. Her family and close friends must be stunned and unable to function. I hope they can find peace, but I don’t imagine it will ever be the same for them.

The last couple of years, a lot of people around me have died. I guess it comes with middle age, but it sure sucks.

I don’t want to indulge in any thinking about an afterlife or reincarnation, because as comfortable as those are to some, I have only this life. I want to make the most of every remaining day.

Life’s entirely too short, and precious. Live it hard right now, and spread your love around.

💔 🌹