Slow Escalators for an Aging Population

Tuesday, 16 May, 2017

The escalators at our local department store run at half speed. Here’s why…

Well, the population in Japan is famously aging. Our daughters are now officially “members of society” and, the government kind of pounces on kids that age to either start paying into the “nenkin” pension system or, in the case of college students, apply for a deferral. But the population is so top-heavy, that I’ll be surprised if they can dip into it, when they’re old. What a racket, huh?

When I go to the local department store, Modi (no relation to the Prime Minister of India), their escalators always drive this feeling of aging home. They are so slow, they’re surely set on “near to death” speed. I could walk up the stairs in half the time it takes to get upstairs on the escalator.

It drives me nuts, but, here I am, 51. It’s only 14 years until I’m supposed to retire and be quiet. Good luck with that.

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