They Break All At Once

Tuesday, 23 May, 2017

Don’t you think this about household appliances? …

When it rains it pours. We recently replaced our refrigerator after 17 years. When we called the company and asked if they had parts, he laughed. What was funny, I wonder. Does everyone keep replacing their ‘fridge after a couple years or something? Personally, I was going for a quarter-century.

The new one is nifty. It has a mirror surface so you can see how fat you are, and a vacuum box for keeping cheese and so forth. It emits a pleasing “pshhh” sound when you open the box. “Open the pod door, HAL”.

Next, went the laundry machine. This was probably 10-15 years old, but we use it for 3 loads a day so, I can see it must be worn out. It is refusing to spin properly, and has become downright contrary. We were trying to stretch it out, but got a notice from the water company that we were using an excessive amount of water and might want to look into whether there is a leak. (Japan is like that).

We figured it was the repeated extra rinse cycles we had to do, to get the loads to complete. But when I looked at the water meter with everything turned off, sure enough, it was still spinning. So Akko had the plumber take a look, and Lo!, we had a big leak outside. So, we are now leak-less and have a new laundry machine coming.

Hopefully the other appliances won’t stage a revolt and keep breaking like these other troublemakers.

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