The Simple Web Project

We want to make the web more privacy friendly while also making it less "bloated", by which we mean that we want to remove all the unnecessary gunk that increases loading times. We also believe that most websites shouldn't require JavaScript to run. We create frontends to other websites that could use a simplified interface.



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A frontend for various Translation Services like GoogleTranslate that keeps you anonymous from them

SimpleAmazon BETA

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A frontend for Amazon


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A frontend for SepiaSearch and PeerTube


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A frontend for numerous article-based websites

Other Frontends

These are some other frontends that we would like to promote, these are NOT part of the Simple Web Project

Also check out the Libredirect Browser Extension: LibRedirect

Name Frontend For Source Code
Lingva Translate Google Translate Github
Scribe Medium Sourcehut
Quetre Quora Github
LibremDb IMDb Github
Bibliogram Instagram Sourcehut
Invidious YouTube Github
Piped YouTube Github
Beatbump YouTube Music Github
Hyperpipe YouTube Music Codeberg
Nitter Twitter Github
ProxiTok TikTok Github
libreddit Reddit Github
teddit Reddit Codeberg
Rimgo Imgur Codeberg
Wikiless Wikipedia Codeberg
Neuters Reuters Github
Librarian Odysee Codeberg
Whoogle Google Github
dumb Genius Github
AnonymousOverflow StackOverflow Github
GotHub GitHub Codeberg
Laboratory GitLab Source Code
Suds Snopes Source Code
Destructables Indestructables Source Code