Appropriate limerick:
There lived a young man by the sea,
Who spoke only English and C,
He, when something went wrong,
Didn't hesitate long
And immediately pressed Ctrl-C.

Missed vim koan:
As a vim user :(RIP Bram):, I coulnd't pass past vim koans. However, for some reason one koan wasn't presented there. So, the last vim koan:
A pupil approached master Wd and asked:
 For many years, I followed the steps of your wisdom on the way of vim.
As far as I got it, the true way is to use a proper tool for each task?
Master Wq nodded.
 And the true wisdom is to know, which tool is right for a particuar task?
Master Wq nodded again.
 So, can you teach us, how do we know what tool is good for each task?
 In fact, it's very simple,  Master Wq answered.  To edit a remote file 
over a slow connection, use vi. Otherwise, use org mode.
 But what about vim?
Master Wq sighed.   

This is true story (names changed):
Once a pupil asked Master Im:
 I wanted to convert an image from PNG format to JPEG, using command line. I was said that it's very simple, the command is just
    convert image.png image.jpg
 That's right,  Master Im replied.
 However, when I tried this, I got an error message about invalid parameter.
 Hm, that shouldn't be so. Show me exactly which command you run.
 Here's the screenshot:
C:\MyPictures>convert girl.png girl.jpg Invalid Parameter - girl.jpg C:\MyPictures>
Ah, I see, MS Windows... The remedy is to add magick before you command. Lol, I am no magician, how do I add magick? Just type magick before your command line, like this: magick convert girl.png girl.jpg This time the command run smoothly, and the image was convreted. The pupil, however, went confused.
Why it was so? MS Windows has a program unwisely called `convert`, to convert FAT filesystem to NTFS, and also adds system PATH before user's PATH, so it conflict with `convert` of ImageMagick, so (since version 7, I believe) ImageMagick added (I guess, after GraphicsMagick) a program called magick with commands `convert`, `mogrify` etc as its first argument.