A Static Site Generator

I've decided to try a static site generator, and I really thought this would be easier. It's not that it's very difficult technically, there's just so much to read.

All I want is:

First I tried Jekyll, but decided I wanted somthing Python based. So far I've tried:

Understanding the themes for Pelican was a hassle. With the automatic guide for setting up publishing over ssh, I was almost sold. The automatic reloading when there's a change was great as well.

If it hadn't been for the themes. Wordpress was simpler than this!

Then I tried Hyde, but I couldn't get it to work properly when I cut the excerpts from the demo post.

In a reddit thread someone recommended Blogofile. It was by far the simplest, and also where I got closest to my simplistic ideal.

None were a perfect match. Perhaps I'll try them some more, try something new like Poole, or just upload som .md files with javascript to render them to html.

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