Not Square With That

A collegue shared A Serious Look At Card Based Design at work a while back. I liked it. And I don't. It feels like it could become the next trendy thing to be over exploited and fall out of favour. Like the hamburger menu, the carusel or something else that I forgot about because it fell out of favour.

And now cards.

A card is also known as a tile, a module, or a portrait, just to name a few.

Usually, when stuff is this vague, it's a clear indication that you're in or close to baloney county. The boxes at the bottom of aren't cards. A clickable image is not a card, but a box with an image and a clickable button, that's a card. Because:

The hallmark of all cards is interactivity. Not only do they provide information, but they politely demand engagement. Cards commonly include like buttons or ways to post to social media.

I agree to this, he politely engaged. And I think there are two main reasons why cards are popular in social media:

But. It's actually not the cards I don't like. I like Jira boards, and those are cards. What I don't like, it the chaos that card based designers often opt for. I never liked the new design of G+, and I don't like it on Pintrest. I don't know where to look, and I don't know why they do it like that.

Anti web

I like the web. You link to stuff. You go forward, you go back. It works.

But a card never takes you anywhere. It locks you in, holds you back and only shows you part of the world through tiny, barred windows.

Maybe I'm just old, but I want the missing link back.

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