So, so slow tech

A while back I wrote this in a draft:

I'm ditching my iPhone.

And my other smartphone. Also two tablets, a tower PC, two monitors, a TV, an Apple TV and a Playstation 3.

Someone had criticized me for spending too much time online, so I declared thermal nuclear war on time wasting tech.

But I did not ditch my iPhone. After I wrote that draft, we moved. I now live in a tiny, tiny town ... no, wait. I now live in the outskirts of a tiny, tiny town. Population: < 7 000. There's not even a broadband internet connection here, so I need my iPhone as a Wifi hotspot.

I did, however, break my other smartphone, ditch two of my tablets and archiv the tower PC, the monitors, the TV, my Apple TV and my Playstation.

I'm also deleting a lot of accounts, like Facebook, and removing myself from mailing lists. Yes, it's a hell of an opt out.

Semi-fail again. I did remove myself from mailing lists, but then I added myself to other mailing lists. I also kept my Facebook account. I'm unemployed now and will need to keep in touch with as many people as I can.

I'm not ending all tech. Only bad tech, only junk tech. Fast tech. I'm keeping my laptop, that big lug of slow tech. And our two iPads (as TV substitutes).

Even though I still agree to my ideas of fast and slow tech, I disagree with my solution. Replace TV with tablets? What would that solve? We don't watch TV any more - not on a box, not on a tablet - and I really enjoy that.

But the problem wasn't that I spent too much time on the internet, it was that I spent too much time on the internet while amongst my family.

Dropping my iPhone, my tablets and my laptop would solve that. But throwing away my tower PC would surely do the opposite. I was slimming my tech repository, but not really curing mental digital drifting.

Slow tech is more rewarding, but it requires huge time slots and mental alertness. Fast tech can fit into anything and requires almost nothing. Even though a torch provides more light, you can't fit it in a matchbox.

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